Surge Protection

Electrical surges otherwise known as spikes occur every day in your electrical system. Some of these spikes are not noticeable… you. They are however absorbed by all the electronic equipment throughout your home. Over time these surges/spikes slowly deteriorate the circuit boards in your electronics and eventually cause failure which lead to money spent in repairs or replacements. Other surges can be large and very noticeable when you walk in the door from work and smell that distinctive electrical burning smell. By installing a whole house surge protection unit you block these surges from entering your home at an undesirable rate to your electronic equipment. How it works is that the unit absorbs the surge and sends out of the house via the grounding path on your electrical service in a safe manner. Probably, the best incentive to this unit is that it is backed by a $75,000 limited lifetime warranty that works in conjunction with your homeowners insurance. If your insurance policy will not cover all the damage done by a surge this warranty will kick in and cover what your homeowners won’t. This small black box is equipped with 2 green LED sensing lights that allow you to know that your electrical system is protected. Install a whole house surge protection unit now before it’s too late!